Geekadelphia is Going on Indefinite Hiatus

Geekadelphia has been around for ten years.

The little site that appeared in late November 2007—a year or two before I’d even meet its founders—will be coming to a peaceful conclusion. Tim and Eric‘s (for the last time, not that Tim and Eric) little blog that’s spawned the Philly Geek Awards, thousands of articles and countless opportunities will be going on indefinite hiatus at the end of this month. To be clear, that’s this website.

I know this might come as a surprise.

No, this is not a joke. I’m being serious.

As we move on, I want to make a few things clear:

  • The site isn’t actually going anywhere for now. We just won’t be posting regular content anymore. Thus, “indefinite hiatus.”
  • Our social media accounts and presence won’t be going anywhere. We’ll be there, promoting new projects and local ongoings as we always have. Probably on a reduced basis.
  • No changes to the Philly Geek Awards. Our annual award show will be continuing as normal, with our partners Technically Philly and Generocity.

So what’s next?

We’ll be posting regular content through the end of the month. You may see a few farewell notes and goodbye letters. There might be articles reflecting on the decade that’s gone by. After that, it’s the great beyond. Whatever that means, I’m just trying to be profound. This is rather difficult to communicate.


Author Description

Mikey (Michaelangelo Ilagan) is an interactive designer and lifelong Philadelphian. He enjoys fast cars, fatty food but generally has an appetite for all things creative and tech. He's got a love of all-things-new and an inclination toward spontaneity. His humor is as often inappropriate as his attempts at maintaining social media omnipresence is vain. Somehow, he managed to become Editor-in-Chief of this website and co-organizes the annual Philly Geek Awards as well.

11 Responses to “Geekadelphia is Going on Indefinite Hiatus”

  1. November 1, 2017

    Pam Selle

    Thank you and best wishes to you and everyone on the team, and everyone who’s been involved in this project <3 <3 <3

  2. November 1, 2017

    Alvin Ashcraft

    Thanks for everything and good luck folks!

  3. November 1, 2017

    Alex Hillman

    Thank you for everything good you’ve putting into the Philly ecosystem over the years – I know it’s no small thing how much love and care went into making this thing go.

    Many hugs to the entire team and Geekadelphia community. <3 <3 <3

  4. November 1, 2017

    Carolyn Belardo

    Thanks Eric, Mickey and all of Geekadelphia for enlightening Philadelphia all these years. And super thanks for all the coverage of the science scene. We will miss you!

  5. November 1, 2017

    Benjamin Frank Barnett

    What a great outlet. We are sorry to see it go! Thank you for all that you did and will continue to do. Thank you for covering the things that make this city geek – will be missed.

  6. November 1, 2017

    Lauren Ancona

    Thank you, Mikey (and Eric and Tim & all of the contributors over the years), for making this special piece of Philadelphia geek culture so welcoming. I’m not so good at making words for this, but I wanted to let you know it’s something that was both encouraging and validating for me, personally. Whether you’d covered a project I worked on or other folks’ work that might not have been written about anywhere else, it was inspiring for all of us that don’t feel like we fit neatly into a typical nerd/tech person/gamer/geek category.

    Ultimately it means the work you put in to this made a whole lot of us feel like we had a place here, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

    Much love (and vacations)!

  7. November 1, 2017

    Adam Teterus

    Geekadelphia isn’t a website. It’s a people.

    And I so love the people who have made this website over the past 10 years. I certainly won’t stop loving you all. <3

  8. November 1, 2017

    Kylie Lee Flett

    Thank you for your ongoing support for all thing Philly and Geeky over the last ten years. Your voice will be missed!

  9. November 1, 2017

    Pete Schuster

    So This Is What It Feels Like When Doves Cry

  10. November 1, 2017

    Ishbara Acosta

    I’ve followed Geekadelphia for the past ten years and even used your articles in my lessons while teaching. Thank you for your contributions to our town and our lives. They’ve been invaluable. Best wishes on all future endeavors!

  11. November 1, 2017

    Will Starvens

    What’s the price to buy you out?