Living in 8 Bits Presents Super Plumber Bros

The Super Mario Brothers have lived a long, creative, and relatively destructive life.

From duking it out with Donkey Kong, to dealing with Bowser constantly trying to steal Mario’s girl, to racing all of their friends on a trippy race track from an Andy Warhol nightmare, and one terrible John Leguizamo movie, Mario and Luigi have been an ever present influence in pop culture for the past 30 years.

But what would happen if with all of their life experiences they would have to step into the world of getting jobs through a temp agency?

That is the exact questions that the new YouTube series Living in 8 Bits: Super Plumber Bros answers with gusto.

Brought to life by the talented minds of Mixed Nuts Productions, Super Plumber Bros follows the journey of Mario and Luigi after they are plucked from their Mushroom Kingdom and stranded in our less magical world. The culture shock of the real world being significantly less tolerable of fire/lava pit filled dungeons is enough to through our titular plumber bros for a loop.

Watching these two heroes tackle to world of temp agency work while they attempt to apply videogame logic to real world situations provides the bulk of the laughs. Personally, turning the basement of a house into a real life Mario dungeon level complete with fire pits and death defying jumps seems like a fantastic idea for a Sweet 16 party, but to each their own.

Check out the first two episodes below, and subscribe to Mixed Nuts’ YouTube channel to catch the new ones as they release.



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