O3 World’s Roombot Keeps Your Meetings on Time… Or Else

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We’ve all been there.

No matter what profession you are in, no matter what your job title is, meetings happen and they always go on for far too long. Usually, everyone involved has the best intentions. Everyone goes in, the issues are addressed, the people who need to talk get their time to say their peace, and everyone goes on their merry way and goes and be productive for the rest of the day.

However, as John Steinbeck once wrote “The best laid plans of mice and men, they often get derailed by overlong Skype calls with clients.”

Or something like that.

The meeting goes over time, the next group that needs to conference is impatiently waiting outside and no one is happy. So how does one properly handle the problems that stem from the necessary evil of staff meetings? That’s where O3 World’s newest creation comes into play; Roombot.

Roombot is a native IOS extension that keeps track of the scheduled meetings within O3 World. Roombot interacts with O3 World’s Google calendar API and Hue Bulb API to enable the room itself to let people know when a specific meeting is exceeding the prescribed runtime.

When Roombot detects overlapping meetings, the app goes to work by adjusting the room lighting via the Hue Bulbs to a lower setting, while also giving out a polite reminder that the meeting ends shortly. Roombot becomes increasingly sassier the longer the meeting goes on, in an attempt to motivate/shame attendees to wrap their business and allow the next meeting to start promptly.

Roombot is a clever way to deal with a real situation that plagues offices across the world. The creativity showcased by O3 World with the creation of Roombot displays how solid coding, programmable interactive lights, and the right amount of playful sassiness brings about the birth of a new way to manage overlapping meetings.


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