Overnight @ The Academy of Natural Sciences [Photos]

The Academy of Natural Sciences has finally let adults in on one of its overnight experiences! If you’ve always felt an urge to slip the final call and wander among museum exhibits unfettered, your time is now.

There’s something especially thrilling about museum staff handing you beers and making dirty jokes amidst all that history. From our giddy arrival at 6:30pm, we hopped between tours and activities that led us to winding corridors full of Mutter Museum style preserved specimens. You’ll see a whole other side of the Academy with behind-the-scenes tours, and talks with expert staff members. They’ve all been there for over a decade it seems, and the level of knowledge about a particular genus or diorama made my geek heart flutter.

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image2image3Despite the many scheduled events throughout the evening, everything ran almost to the minute. Overnighters could choose from tours at varying times, and in between do awesomely weird things like tag team a painting with a cockroach. Or compare your grip strength against a variety of species. Or doodle on the diorama glass exhibits with colorful markers. Or drink.

The museum was your oyster. After all the tours, assorted activities, delicious fajita dinner, and live animal show came to a close, for those that weren’t tired, a midnight movie played in the auditorium. It was quite a sight to see the Dino Hall full of sleeping bags, and in some cases baller air mattress set ups. Others chose to sleep in the halls beneath the faint glow of dimmed exhibit lights. In the morning optional yoga and mandatory mimosas (just kidding, both optional) were provided in addition to breakfast.

The Academy pulled off this event of tipsy learning and exploration like it was the 100th, not first time. The next adult overnight is on October 3rd with a focus on animals that inspire the myths of cryptozoology. Sign up for the Academy’s mailing list to keep an eye on this event and book tickets fast. While they may expand in the future, this past event was limited to 100 guests.

Photo credit: Nicole Forrester and Cody Aldrich


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